Fleming-Mason Energy Cooperative, Inc. intends to propose a general adjustment of its existing rates by filing an application with the Kentucky Public Service Commission ("KPSC") on or after August 4, 2023, in Case No. 2023-00223.  The application will request that the proposed rates become effective on or after October 1, 2023.

Members can view the complete notice at the link below. 



For complete information about the filing,

visit the Kentucky Public Service Commission website link below. 

View Case Filings for 2023-00223 (ky.gov)


*How much will the rate increase be?

If approved, by the Kentucky Public Service Commission (PSC) the proposal by Fleming-Mason Energy will increase residential member rates by about $9.28 or 7.22 percent to the monthly bill of the average residential member.  

* When will the increase take effect?

Fleming-Mason Energy expects the rate adjustment to begin to impact member bills in the fall. 

* When was Fleming-Mason Energy's last increase?

If approved, this will mark Fleming-Mason Energy's first increase in base rates since 2008.

*Why are rates increasing?

Fleming-Mason Energy needs to increase rates to maintain reliable service and financial strength.  In recent years, operating costs have weathered increasing upward inflationary pressure on everything we need to provide electricity for our members, from transformers to bucket trucks.  Our costs to build a new service for an average residential member have increased exponentially.  Transformers prices alone are up between 300 and 600 percent over the last three years.  Costs for other goods, including household staples like milk, gasoline, and eggs, increased 145 percent in that same time frame.

Fleming-Mason Energy has minimized increases by managing controllable costs and implementing several cost-saving measures, strategic planning efforts, and increased productivity.  

*How can I minimize the impact of the increase on my home?

Fleming-Mason Energy offers several options to help members manage their power bills.  Some of those services include automatic payment options, prepay service, budget billing, energy evaluations, and energy efficiency programs.  You can contact our office at 1-800-464-3144 to speak with an energy advisor.