Fleming-Mason Energy, a Touchstone Energy Cooperative, is in the business of not just providing our members with safe, reliable power, but also a better way of life that goes beyond the electric lines. 

We know you work hard for your money and that is why we feel it is important for us to provide additional value for your membership which positively impacts everyone in our community.

Visit the Co-op Connections site for a list of nationwide participants.

Co-op Connections is a program that helps you receive national discounts on products and services both locally and nationally.  The program offers discounts on prescriptions along with Healthy Savings discounts on vision, lab, imaging, dental, heating and chiropractic services.

Co-op Connections is a free, card-based benefit program offered for co-op members and participating businesses.  Each member of Fleming-Mason Energy is eligible for a Co-op Connections card.  Whenever a Co-op Connections cardholder, shows their card at a participating business, you will receive a discount.  It is that simple!

The card not only benefits you the member but the local business who participate.  The program gives them name recognition, exposure and increases the number of repeat customers since co-op members will seek out participating businesses to save money.

Whether you are planning a vacation or just a night on the town, you can go online to www.connections.coop to see a list of participating businesses. This online resource will provide details about national discounts, as well as local Co-op Connections programs across the country. Searchable by zip code and by cooperative name, you will be able to find discounts at home or anywhere you travel, 24 hours a day.

For additional information on your new Co-op Connections card or the program, please contact Fleming-Mason Energy or call 800-464-3144.