e-Bill Paperless Billing

Receive and view your energy bill online at your convenience — and help the environment.
Fast, free and easy, e‑Bill is also a greener way to receive your FME bill.

e‑Bill Paperless Billing eliminates your paper bill altogether — along with the wastewater, greenhouse gas emissions, landfill, gasoline, and tree-cutting involved in producing, mailing and transporting it. 

When your bill is processed, FME will send you an email reminder to view your bill electronically.  You can print your e-bill if you are in need of a hard copy for tax or other purposes.

Contact the office today to sign up! 

Things you should know:

  • After enrollment, you will no longer receive a paper bill.
  • You’ll receive your first e‑Bill just after the next scheduled billing date, usually within 30 days of enrollment.


Text and/or E-mail Alerts

Sign up to receive payment confirmations, daily or high usage alerts, and more!  Call the office or sign up online at www.fme.coop.