If your home or business is in need of an energy-efficiency upgrade, or you’re looking for ways to lower your monthly power bill without having to figure out how to cover upfront costs, then How$martKY™ is the solution for you. Here’s how it works:

  1.   The member-owner contacts the co-op and signs up for a free energy assessment.
  2.   A skilled energy advisor will then visit your home or business to determine where efficiencies can be gained and what upgrades will result in the most energy cost savings.
  3.   Local contractors give quotes for recommended upgrades and the member-owner decides on the scope of work.
  4.   The energy auditor inspects the upgrades and FME pays the contractors for the work.
  5.   The member-owner pays a fixed monthly charge on their bill that is less than the average monthly savings, creating an immediate net cash flow.

Upgrades available through this program include insulation, duct and air sealing, heat pump improvements, water heater wraps, and LED lighting.

Participation in the program is available to all co-op member-owners, regardless of homeownership or financial status. The co-op offers this unique opportunity to member-owners simply as a benefit of their co-op membership. The co-op covers the initial costs of the upgrades for the participating member-owner.

Start the process today by calling 1-800-464-3144 for your energy assessment. There is no obligation or cost to the member-owner. It really is just that easy. Because you are a member-owner of Fleming-Mason Energy.

For more information or updates on this program, please contact our Energy Advisor, Michael Parker at 1-800-464-3144 or mparker@fme.coop.